You may know Ashley Dupre from her stage name Ashley Alexandra Dupre, or maybe even her escort name – Kristen. Who is Ashley Dupre? She is coined as the world’s most famous escort in America by The Village Voice. There’s no reason to think otherwise seeing how she was part of one of the biggest prostitution busts in history, the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal. With that that bust she was blown into the lime light to being contestant on reality tv shows such as Famous Food, where she actually went quite far in the compeitition and got a contract with a food provider, Lemon Basket. Then there is the big uprising in her music career which was a dream for her ever since she was 19 years old. Ashley Dupre surely is living a high profile life, with all of it’s ups and downs.

Ashley Dupre Yigal Azrouel Fashion Show Smiling
Ashley Dupre Yigal Azrouel Fashion Show Smiling

Ashley Dupre’s early life could have pushed her in the direction of being an escort, from where she grew up to her home life. She grew up near the Jersey Shore and as made apparent by the TV show, it might not be the best area to raise a family. When she was young her parents were divorced and that can always cause turmoil with a child, if you mix that in with the area she grew up then you can begin to see how she ended up devaluing her own body. Although that doesn’t imply that she had a poor upbringing , many people who knew her before have said she was fairly well off, she always had the best clothes and the best make up.

While still a teenager Ashley Dupre moved to New York City to live out her dream as a singer. Of course that does not always turn out like people plan and she quickly resorted to working as a waitress. You could say her dream was also supported with her extensive use of Myspace that had just became popular at that time. Even after the Spitzer arrest she was still accepting new friends on Myspace and making updates on her page explaining her side of what was happening during the event. Typically people would shun away from the public’s eye in embarrassment, instead Ashley Dupre embraced the limelight and made the best of it.

Ashley Dupre was introduced to the escort business while she was working at a dance club when she met Jason Itzler who happened to be the owner of a very lucrative escort service at the time which was called NY Confidential. This set the ball rolling for as Ashley Dupre saw all of the money escorts were making, from there she moved from (escort) agency to agency and became a very sought after escort among New York City’s elite. Ashley Dupre’s scandal with Spitzer was not through Jason Itzler’s escort service, but a different popular escort agency that went by the name Emperor’s Club VIP.

Dupre’s parents were not aware of her illegal endeavors and were shocked when they heard the news.

One thing is for certain, without the arrest Ashley Dupre would never have gotten enough publicity to do the things she is doing now.